4 cases in which applying for a personal loan is an investment

If there is a dream you have been with you for a long time or a goal that you have not yet been able to fulfill due to lack of liquidity, a personal loan comes to the rescue so that you reach that goal. Finding the credit you are looking for, cheap, in the right time and with a simple and fast process, is possible, and thousands of Peruvians use them at least once in a lifetime.

The loan can be used for a multitude of things, including meeting a goal and traveling to your dream vacation, you can also use it to buy something you need at home, such as a new TV, a new refrigerator, among others. In these cases, you should be aware that the credit is an expense and is money that you must return. However, as long as the loan does not occupy more than 30% of your income or affect your budget, there will be nothing wrong with requesting it.

But that is not the only way your loan can work. In fact, there are times when this credit represents an investment rather than an expense, so that in time you will see the reward for having requested it. If you can’t think of any situation in which this applies, we leave you five:


1.Fund a study

money loan

If the loan you are requesting is to finance a study, be it a master’s degree, a specialization or a diploma, it automatically ceases to be an expense to become an investment. And, without a doubt, that decision will bring a reward in the future, since it will allow you to strengthen your professional training, gain a promotion, access to better job opportunities, including a leadership, among others.


2. Generate extra income

2. Generate extra income

The same happens if the loan is requested as capital to start a business or generate a source of extra income. For example, if you bought a laptop to start a professional activity such as offering web design services, you will make a profit as soon as you start using it.


3. Buy business tools

3. Buy business tools

On the other hand, if you already have a business and you are your own boss, another situation that arises is to apply for the loan to acquire tools, equipment or improve your business. In this way, the loan also becomes an investment, as the tools and equipment will remain even after the loan is canceled.


4. Pay some debt

debt payment

If the loan you will use it to join several debts and cancel them, in some way, it also ends up being an investment because you will save on interest and commissions that are charged on each of the debts like other loans and cards.


5. Learn some language

5. Learn some language

Another situation in which your loan becomes an investment is if you use it to learn another language. Do you know how many opportunities open when you learn to speak in a different language? Many! Not only professionally, but personally, so that loan can also be considered an investment.

But whether your personal loan fits into one of these situations as if you will use it to fulfill a dream, go on a trip, cover a significant expense, among other things, you need to be very clear how it will affect your budget. First, do not allocate more than 30% of your income to pay debts, that is, the monthly credit fee cannot be so high that it does not allow you to cover your other obligations.

On the other hand, another point to consider is the choice of credit. Remember that the entity you choose should be the one that suits you best. Then do not get carried away only by the advertising you see on television or the campaign they have carried out; Instead, compare the alternatives available in the market. How can you do it? Using online comparators such as the personal loan comparator of Ross Poldark. Here you can check the interest rate offered by each entity, the commissions, the available terms, among others, and calculate how much you would pay in total for the loan. With all this information, you will be in a position to make an informed and conscious decision.

Thus, there will be no regrets in the future and you will get the most out of your credit.