Provider Program and Judicial Bail Bonds

Provider Program

What is a Provider Program

It is the implementation by the beneficiary (investor) of a professional program for the requirement of bonds to their suppliers and contractors, with pre-established conditions that will avoid, through their mechanism, the rejection of their claims or the loss of their benefits.

This comprehensive consolidation program is focused on all the beneficiaries who have suppliers or contractors and who need to protect their investment.

The concepts to be guaranteed by the Supplier Programs are all those that are involved in the process of supplying goods and / or services.



  • Comprehensive consolidation agreement with the bonding company
  • Global Policy (security in the texts) with inclusion endorsements
  • Adequacy, advice and revision of contracts
  • Adequacy of bond texts in accordance with the obligations to be secured
  • Analysis of technical, economic and moral solvency of contractors, suppliers or service providers
  • Subscription of bonds
  • Electronic bond validation
  • Control and online administration of bonds in force



  • Guarantees compliance with the obligations contracted by the beneficiary with suppliers and contractors
  • Compensation for damage caused by a possible breach by means of the bond
  • Issues, administers and controls the bond policies that are required to guarantee the obligations of contractors, suppliers and / or service providers
  • Implementation of the Suppliers Program


Criminal Judicial Bail Bonds

Criminal Judicial Bail Bonds

Its objective is to prevent the accused from evading the action of justice. From this are derived:

  • Provisional freedom bond.
  • Conditional bail (freedom).
  • Bail of preparatory freedom.


Civil Judicial Bond

Civil Judicial Bond

Guarantee the damages that may be caused to the opposing party and third parties, in civil proceedings. If division is the following:

  • Provisional precautionary bail.
  • Provisional provideance security bond.
  • Security of position (judicial agent, receiver or management as executor).
  • Bail of alimony. These are bonds that serve to satisfy any requirement of the civil court related to alimony.
  • Judicial bail of amparo.