A pool table made from glass, metal and other premium materials

Do you need a game table to put in your man cave, game room, or any other space in your home? Sure, there are plenty of retailers out there who can offer you the usual options, but where do you buy luxury items instead? Discover the Filotto billiard tables from Impatia.

The brand not only builds high-end pool tables, but also poker tables, ping pong tables, freestanding foosball tables, and custom game tables. Their products are ideal for homes or high-end establishments. If you need something that instantly becomes an opulent centerpiece, Impatia has it all.

For now, let’s take a look at the Filotto and its various iterations so you can choose the perfect one for your needs. The standard version is called the Classic and features a modern look with an adjustable steel frame. It comes with an Italian slate base. The playing surface and cushions on all sides are all wrapped in Simonis wool fabric.

The connection joints that maintain the shape of the structure are chromed while the pockets are made of genuine leather. The dimensions of the Filotto are 105.5″ x 60″ x 32″ and meet the regulation size of 8 feet. What enhances its aesthetics is Impatia’s decision to use side rails, short and for the low iron glass legs.

Even the legs are crystal for a dazzling profile. Holding everything together is metal hardware. Customers can also opt for a smoked glass variant which boasts a darker tone with its black chrome.

The manufacturer also offers the Filotto with 24k gold-plated metal accents. Finally, you can choose to have the pool table with oak legs which are available in three finishes. Basically, Impatia can customize every aspect upon request.

Customize your Filotto now: here

Images courtesy of Impatia