Cold solution for sheet metal

The German industrial machinery manufacturer, TRUMPF, has developed a new cooling solution for laser cutting machines called Eco Cooler.

Conventional cooling systems use fluorinated gases, but the Eco Cooler uses pure water as the coolant.

As a result, it uses up to 80% less energy for refrigeration and is completely free of harmful substances.

To date, the solution is unique in the sheet metal industry.

TRUMPF CEO for Machine Tools, Stephan Mayer, said sustainability provides a key competitive advantage.

“To ensure that their operations remain viable, sheet metal processors should turn to climate and environmentally friendly technologies. The Eco Cooler will help our customers save energy and reduce the use of harmful substances in production,” Mayer said.

“We see an opportunity here to improve the environmental footprint of the industry as a whole and reduce costs at the same time.”

The Eco Cooler was developed by TRUMPF in partnership with Efficient Energy.

The Eco Cooler exploits the excellent cooling properties of water and works as follows: water flows to heat generating components such as laser diodes, optics, drives and control cabinets. After cooling these components, the water returns to the Eco Cooler, where it is cooled by a heat exchanger in an innovative process involving evaporation, compression and condensation.

“The Eco Cooler works like a heat pump”, according to Andreas Hultsch, project manager at TRUMPF. “It allows users to control the temperature of components that generate heat during laser processing and also to regulate volume flow rates.”

Removing fluorinated gases eliminates refrigerant costs and reduces another 12 metric tons of carbon. The solution is ideal for all sheet metal processors wishing to make their operations more sustainable and also less expensive.