Gas rationing in Germany will seriously affect metal production and the chemical industry

Gas rationing in Germany will have the most severe impact on the production and processing of metals, chemicals and the paper industry amid heightened uncertainty over supplies from Russia through the key pipeline Nord Stream-1, Reuters reported.

Restrictions on gas supply could also affect less energy-intensive but economically important sectors due to a shortage of refined products, said the ZEW Economics Institute, which compiled the analysis for the Family Business Foundation. in Germany.

The institute added that the textile and ceramics industries are also highly dependent on gas.

He urged Germany to maintain its status as a place for business suppliers.

Data released by the Federal Statistical Office on Thursday highlights Germany’s dependence on natural gas, which was the main source of energy for industry in 2020, when it accounted for 31.2% of the consumption.

In 2021, 95% of German natural gas was imported, the agency added.

Since then, Germany has struggled to find alternatives to Russian energy imports.

The gas crisis escalated further on July 11, when Nord Stream 1 flows were temporarily interrupted due to planned maintenance work.

Deliveries resumed on Thursday July 21.