Impact Coatings Showcases High Volume System for Metal Plate Coatings at F-cell Stuttgart, October 4-5

Impact Coatings is showcasing a high-volume system for metal plate coatings at f-cell Stuttgart, October 4-5.

At f-cell – The Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Conference and Trade Fair – in Stuttgart on October 4 and 5, Impact Coatings is presenting a next-generation coating system for the mass production of metal plates for fuel cells and electrolysers.

The new coating system is named INLINECOATER™ IC2000. The first unit is now on display to Impact Coatings customers in Linköping, Sweden, as it undergoes process qualification for PEM fuel cell metal plates ahead of product launch.

Hydrogen is one of the key solutions to phase out fossil fuels in society, including in the energy and mobility sectors. This means that the demand for hydrogen fuel cell and electrolyzer manufacturing volumes has increased and is expected to continue to grow rapidly during this decade.

Automotive OEMs and major component suppliers are among the leaders in the new hydrogen industry, primarily using proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells for transportation applications. To achieve optimum cell performance, metal separator plates with effective coatings are in focus as basic components for fuel cells and electrolysers.

Since 2018, the Impact Coatings Coating Service Center and several fuel cell manufacturers have been operating the INLINECOATER™ IC500 system for coating fuel cell metal plates. The system produces high quality coating using a compact platform, with short cycle times that allow easy integration into automated production.

The new INLINECOATER™ IC2000 is built on the same proven system architecture. It is sized to provide increased productivity, coating up to 3 million PEM fuel cell plates per year, depending on parameters such as plate size, coating type and thickness, working days and the teams. The IC2000 system is compact, with a footprint of only 6.2 x 2.2 meters. It has fewer critical components, such as vacuum pumps and power supplies, than traditional large-scale industrial solutions.

Installation of additional coating systems is easy as production increases, resulting in high reliability through redundancy and cost-effective mass production of critical plate metal components.

Impact Coatings is a center of expertise and a leading supplier of metal plate coating solutions to customers around the world, with the development of fuel cell coatings having begun over fifteen years ago. The company’s Ceramic MAXPHASE™ noble metal-free coating for PEM fuel cell plates has nearly a decade of field qualification in automotive applications.

The company continues to work with its customers on the development of coatings to meet future market needs for fuel cells and electrolysers.

The company supports customers in the hydrogen industry with scalable production solutions for metal plate coatings, including coating services and coating technology and systems for volume production. Building on the experience of its Coating Service Center in Linköping, Sweden, the company is currently preparing to launch a second Coating Service Center in Shanghai, China.

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Impact Coatings presents high volume system for metal plate coatings at f-cell Stuttgart, October 4-5, September 30, 2022