Major U.S. metals maker announces major round of layoffs

A major U.S. metals maker on Tuesday announced a new round of layoffs set to begin next month

In a letter to the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development, Neenah Foundry said it plans to lay off at least 115 employees, beginning Sept. 27 or within 13 days.

According to the letter, the layoffs represent “less than 20% of employees at the company’s manufacturing facilities located on Aylward Street in Neenah, Wisconsin and the adjoining corporate headquarters located on Brooks Avenue in Neenah, Wisconsin.”

“Employees who will be affected by this layoff include both production workers who are members of the United Steel Workers Union and its affiliate Local 121B (USW) and non-union employees,” the letter said. “Other employees who may be affected by the layoff are non-union workers who have no right to tender, bump or transfer. The company is giving notice to affected non-union employees.”

A metal fabrication and manhole company has announced plans to lay off more than 100 employees in the coming months. Above, a fire department official inspects the area where several manhole covers burst near the Empire State Building, causing two minor injuries May 29, 2002 in New York City.
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Neenah Foundry’s announcement comes as several other major companies across the country have taken similar action, laying off dozens of employees.

According to its website, Neenah Foundry is “a manufacturer and supplier of highly engineered, structural and durable solutions to a variety of infrastructure and industrial end market customers”.

“The company is the largest independent foundry in the United States and produces gray and ductile iron castings. Neenah Foundry’s most recognizable products include manhole covers and frames, inlet frames and grates, cast iron tree grates and trench grates in roadways and airport runways across America and internationally. Neenah Foundry is part of the Neenah Enterprises, Inc. group of companies,” the company said.

Karl Dahlen, vice president of administration and general counsel at Neenah Enterprises Inc., said, per WLUK-TV in Green Bay, Wisconsin: “I don’t think a ton of people were terribly surprised that this happened. . It was just a matter of when does that happen.”

Dahlen said the decision to lay off more than 100 employees comes shortly after Neenah announced it was selling its truck business to Grede.

In a press release last year, Neenah said Grede is “a leading producer of high-tech cast iron and machined components headquartered in Southfield, Michigan.”

Newsweek has contacted Neenah Foundry for comment.

Earlier this year in June, Century Aluminum in Kentucky announced plans to lay off 628 employees.

“Unfortunately, an unprecedented rise in global energy prices resulting from the Russian war in Ukraine has significantly increased the price of energy in the United States and around the world,” the company said in a letter obtained by the Owensboro times. “The cost required to operate our Hawesville, KY facility has more than tripled the historical average over a very short period of time. Given these circumstances, it is necessary to completely reduce operations for a period of approximately nine to twelve months in Hawesville until energy prices return to more normalized levels.”