Rajnandini Metal Limited Maintains Upward Growth Even During Pandemic

Rajnandini Metal Limited is one of the most trusted names in the wire and metal industry. Founded in 2010, the company operates as a crucial business interface, connecting manufacturers/processors/yards and consumers/traders worldwide. After a net profit increase of 127% in the quarter ended June 2022, comes another great news for Rajnandini Metal Limited as it has already successfully achieved 1000 crore in sales this year.

Even during the pandemic, Rajnandini Metal Limited provided bonuses to its investors twice in 2020 and 2021. The company is growing at a rapid pace with financial costs kept under control in the 2021-22 financial year. EBITDA margins were maintained with impressive growth momentum in line with company plans with a year-over-year increase of 40.11%. The company’s total revenue and EAT have also grown steadily since 2019 to date. The company increased its total revenue from 14,885 lacs in 2019 to 1,02,949 lacs in 2021-22. The company’s after-tax profit grew from 115 lacs in 2019 to a total of 1,001 lacs in 2022.

Rajnandini Metal Pvt. was converted into a limited liability company and listed on the National Stock Exchange (NSE) website in 2018. Since listing, the company’s shares have soared over the past two years. With the original price of a share being Rs. 13, shares of Rajnandini Metal Limited today cost almost above Rs. 460 per share. Offering an added benefit to its investors, Rajnandini Metal Limited is now set to announce its first dividend on August 1, 2022.

Rajnandini Metal Limited offers various products such as Copper Rod, Annealed Bare Copper Wire, Fine Copper Wire, Stranded Copper Cable, Bundled Copper Wire, Submersible Wire and Flat Cable as well as Household Wire . Its clientele includes big names in the steel, automotive, light/heavy engineering, construction, chemical and electronics industries.

Mr. Het Ram Sharma, Managing Director – Rajnandini Metal Limited shares, “It has been more than two decades and we are happy to share that the business is experiencing upward growth. Regardless of the lockdown and the effect of Covid-19 on industries, we managed to maintain our growth and offered bonuses not once but twice. I thank all the investors who have shown their confidence in the company. We are committed to growth and look forward to expanding the business around the world.”

Aiming to establish itself as a true solution-providing company in the global metals industry, Rajnandini Metal Limited is embarking on the creation and development of new markets in

Africa, Eastern Europe, Latin America, etc. by adding them to its mainstream business network. It also seeks to deepen commercial and production opportunities that allow the integration and impetus of its current activities. Adding value to customers’ businesses is the motto of Rajnandini Metal Limited and their success is driven by smart solutions and a strong commitment to customer satisfaction.

Going forward, Rajnandini Metal Limited aims to expand its capacity and capabilities by introducing its own new products under its brand – RML. The product line would include items such as MCBs, switches, LEDs, fans, geysers and other home appliances. Rajnandini Metal Limited is also set to introduce a B2C segment by aggressively pushing wire manufacturing.

The company has been ISO certified as well as certifications from Haryana State Pollution Control, Material Recycling Association of India and other prestigious organizations.

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