The courier company puts its foot down

A new city center courier service launched in Dunedin this week comes with a wheel difference.

Founded by Liam Harrison, Pedals Dunedin is an urgent and same-day courier company using purpose-built cargo bikes capable of carrying up to 90kg of goods.

Raised in Careys Bay, Mr. Harrison later moved to Wellington and worked in the tech industry before recently moving back south.

The combination of hospital construction and ongoing roadworks in the town center meant it was becoming an ‘absolute nightmare’ for cars and he saw an opportunity for a bicycle delivery service which could reduce traffic dense.

Friends had such a business in Wellington called Nocar Cargo which they started around 2015 and he had told them about how they ran their business and the various things they had learned.

Launched on Monday, Pedals Dunedin had gotten off to a good start and it was “in the long haul”, Mr Harrison said. The objective was to build from the team of two cyclists, including himself.

The bikes were imported from Denmark and electronic kits fitted to them in Dunedin; they could reach speeds of over 50 km/h, thanks to their 500 watt motors.

Ironically, the largest customer base for rush deliveries was auto parts. Bike couriers also had a long tradition of serving printers and law firms, a tradition he intended to continue. Food and beverage manufacturers, the dental industry, electricity providers and “all kinds” have also shown interest.

He had extensive experience in cycling, from racing at the national level to mountain biking and touring.

“I love bikes,” he said.

Dunedin was a compact town for cycling and there were also plenty of businesses working within a very close radius which helped, he said.

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