Ziknes works with Meltio to create the Z-Metal One robotic additive manufacturing machine

Meltioa manufacturer of laser metal deposition technology, and Ziknesa technology startup combining robotics and additive manufacturing, have joined forces to create Z-Metal One, a plug and play robotic machine, which the companies claim makes it easy, durable and efficient to create 3D parts.

Ziknes has been working with Meltio since 2021 to design a system ready for immediate use by end customers, and offers a complete hardware and software solution for metal 3D printing. The Z-Metal One features a freestanding structure with a robot, positioner, and Meltio’s multi-laser laser head.

Integration is made possible by the Meltio Engine, a hybrid manufacturing module that combines 3D printing with CNC machining centers or robotic arms. Ziknes chose this technology to support its efforts to make the industrial sector more sustainable by reducing waste, emissions and energy consumption.

Z-Metal One was created as an all-in-one solution that brings together its robotic printing software, a positioning table, a laser printing system, process automation and a validated self-supporting structure that facilitates transport of the machine. The system has the ability to print large parts in materials such as titanium, copper, aluminum, steel and inconel. According to the manufacturers, the Meltio head also produces no waste.

The process is made flexible thanks to a robot which drives the multi-laser head on its 6 axes. The positioner has two axes of rotation and rotation, which means that it is not necessary to create supports. The machines are validated internally by Ziknes, before being sent with a manual to the customer’s premises, which means that the only requirement is that the customer undergoes basic training.

Earlier this year, Meltio announced K3D as its first official service desk partner and key contributor to its application development efforts in Europe.

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